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osteopathy & massage

Welcome to our lovely place in Oulunkylä

Baby massage is helpful, for example, for the baby's various bodily, stomach problems and reflux. It serves also as an overall relaxation.

Classical and Sports massage relaxes and cares muscles and relieves chronic pain conditions. Suitable for everyone regardless of age or fitness level.

Osteopathy is a manual treatment for acute and chronic pain conditions for all ages. The treatment is designed individually to support health, taking the customer's wishes into account. We also treat newborn babies and children as well as pregnant women. Typical reasons for osteopathic treatment are different musculoskeletal pain conditions and functional disorders such as stress, migraine, stomach problems. For treating newborns excessive crying, colic, stomach problems, reflux, torticollis and challenges of breastfeeding are common reasons to seek osteopathic treatment.

We are three osteopaths and one massage therapist and we all serve also in English. 

Si deseas un tratamiento en español, puedes reservar tu cita con Riina.